Native Mobile App - FeaturesEasily set up your event app to provide all the information, activities and entertainment your attendees need for a great event experience.

Push Messages

Send important information and News and engage to all your attendees with our Push Notification service.


All data required for each participant to be informed quickly and be updated about everything that happens during the congress.


The complete list of participating speakers and their most important information including speeches.


You can easily consult all the activities within each single room.

Abstract & Attachments

Give more information about Speeches thanks to Abstract & Attachements support


All Exhibitors are listed inside the application and can be easily find and contacted though the application


Give your sponsors the opportunity to be visible within the app, with multiple and different display modes


We collect anonymous information about what is viewed inside the application


Users can search inside all the application content to find what they need without the need of navigate to a specific view. Furthermore there is also integration with spotlight search in iOS.

Calendar Support

Users can add Session or Speeches to their Calendar


Users can add important information in their Favourites to get quick access to what they like.


Users can easily share information about the Congress though the application

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